January 19th, 2015


Beautiful sky tonight


10 Responses to January 19th, 2015

  1. meow0 says:

    Where did you take that picture from?

    • Uschi says:

      It’s up in Research Park – close to the Natural History Museum..part of the Bonneville Shoreline, one of our favorite hikes.

      • meow0 says:

        Sounds fun! Is it dog-friendly?

      • Uschi says:

        Yes, everybody has their dogs off leash. This was on the right side of Red Butte Gardens, I also hike on the left side of RBG, it’s kind of above the Huntsman Cancer clinic. Those are really nice hikes…

      • meow0 says:

        Awesome, thanks for the info!!! We just got a new dog that needs to be socialized, and we’ve been looking into places that she can meet new dogs and people, so we will try that place out sometime!!!

      • meow0 says:

        Are there a lot of dogs there, or is it more mellow than Tanner Park? Our new rescue, Siouxsie, isn’t really a fan of dogs, but loves people. We need somewhere that we can ease her into meeting some furry friends.:)

      • Uschi says:

        It’s nothing like Tanner Park – way less dogs and people, I think it would be perfect. Though there will be runners and bikers if she’s okay with those. BTW – love the name Siouxsie :). What kind of dog is she?

      • meow0 says:

        She is a rescue, so we are not really sure. She looks partly Shepard, maybe min-pin, who knows!!! 🙂
        Thanks so much, we love her!
        We will have to try that place out, it sounds perfect!!!! 🙂

      • Uschi says:

        Hope you had a chance to check it out – it’s been pretty nice up there lately. Maybe we’ll run into you one of these days – look out for a 3-legged Jack Russell Terrier 🙂

      • meow0 says:

        Awesome, I will!!! I haven’t had a chance quite yet…. Soon, hopefully!

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